Starup Manual

[First edition]

Please read this manual carefully, including the following precautions, before using "Dangla".

* "Dangla" is a registered trademark.


Do not use if you are under 13 years of age in visual development.
* The WWMR lens can be removed for single-lens use.
・Do not use “Dangla” toward the sun.
・Do not use “Dangla” on public roads or places with many people.
・Before using "Dangla", please ensure the safety around you.
・Do not remove the mirror and half mirror in the “Dangla” body.
・Do not drop or hit “Dangla” and give a shock to it.

Commodity composition

The breakdown of the package is as follows.
・"Dangla" (MR glass body)×1
*This product has been assembled with a mirror, half mirror, and WWMR lens.
*Smartphone is not included. Please prepare yourself.
・Strap attached (used to hang "Dangla" around the neck)


・Hardware--- iPhone 6s or later (update to the latest iOS recommended), Android 4.4 or later.
・Software--- Download application (free) from App Store

Download and launch app

Now available on the App Store. Please download and install on your iPhone as a test application.

  • SolarSystem

  • DinosaurWorld

  • Holochan

  • CandyRockStar

Setting and holding a smartphone

The smartphone holder can be removed with Velcro. When you are ready to launch the application, attach your smartphone as shown below. In that case, please fix to the Velcro while holding the smartphone.

The direction to fix the smartphone is set so that the camera lens comes to the upper left while holding the Dangla. (Upper right photo ◯ part)

Let's get the habit of holding the smartphone after setting the smartphone as shown in the photo below so that the smartphone does not fall off. (Hold the smartphone with the middle finger, operate the left and right electrostatic buttons with the index finger)

How to care for Dangla

The lens between the mirror and the half mirror is removable. When it gets dirty, remove the lens and clean it with glasses cleaner.

The mirror and half mirror cannot be removed. For the mirror fixed inside, be careful not to apply excessive force to the fixing parts as shown in the photo, and clean with a glass cleaner.

The outer shell of Dangla is made of cardboard. Be careful not to get it wet because it is not waterproof.

From now on

“Dangla” is not just an inexpensive visual extension device, but also a support for application and content development, and a starting point for an ecosystem that contributes to improving MR / XR awareness and commoditization.

If you are like this, use the “Dangla”!

Those who want to enjoy MR / VR content, Content players.

New games that cannot be tasted in VR, games and simulations with the latest equipment

Those who want to attract customers with MR / VR content, Planners

Fan service for sports and idol events, regional revitalization, planning for the Osaka Expo, appeal

MR / VR content developers

Acquisition of VR / AR / MR content development methods. Basic learning of other content development for HoloLens.

About Hologram SDK

“Hologura SDK” is free open source and includes API (Application Program Interface) that helps programming learning and development targeting VR, AR, MR, and is characterized by the ability to simultaneously develop VR, AR, MR content.

hologla SDK

About app development for “Dangla”

Dangra apps will continue to be released through distribution services such as the App Store.
Please contact us for contracted development for specific industries and fields.

Development cases
・Visualization of airflow in air conditioning equipment
・Three-dimensionalization of two-dimensional idol characters


Inquire about Dangra here.